Imaging Technology

I use superior imaging technology to produce high resolution, archival prints.

The Camera

I use the The Nikon D800E, a camera with an enormous 36.3 megapixel sensor. This camera allows me to capture high resolution photos that can be printed up to 8 feet long without loss of image quality. My camera contains one of the largest megapixel sensors available on the consumer market. 

The Printer

I print on Canon's imagePROGRAF (iPF) 6400 and 9400. Canon makes these printers specifically for fine art photographers who print large format photographs. These printers are superior because they use 12 inks, rather than 5 or 8, and the ink is pigment ink, not dye (like what you have in your inkjet printer). These printers specifically use LUCIA EX’s archival, 12 ink system. Consequently, my prints are not only last 100+ years,* but are also more durable than prints made on cheaper, large format dye based printers. The pigment inks produce a wide color spectrum and allow for beautiful, saturated hues with smooth gradations on matte papers. 

The Paper

To achieve optimal results, I use special paper to capture the widest gamut of colors in each image. This is important because many of my images include bright colors which display easily on a backlit computer screen but take skill to achieve accurately in print. I use Hahnemuhle photo rag papers almost exclusively. Hahnemuhle papers are regarded as the highest quality papers available to photographers by most gallerists and printmakers. These papers are 100% cotton. They are thick, dense, and absorb color beautifully. My paper is also archival, so it is fade resistant which ensures collectors receive a piece of art they can enjoy for decades.

To summarize, I use museum-quality materials and superior technology to produce exceptional prints which will delight you and your guests.

*Prints must be stored and framed properly, with archival materials, to ensure their longevity.